Saturday, February 9, 2013

Reel Big Fish: Candy Coated Fury Tour- Orlando

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Reel Big Fish: Candy Coated Fury Tour- Detroit

It was cold and miserable in Detroit Tuesday January 22nd but that didn’t stop dedicated Reel Big Fish fans from attending their show at Saint Andrews Hall. It took the crowd a while to warm up (both figuratively and literally) to what was happening on stage. Finally, towards the middle of Reel Big Fish’s set, the crowd began participating fully with the band and did more than just sing along. Despite the under enthusiastic crowd and extremely cramped stage (these guys deserve a bigger stage for all their shows I think) the band held nothing back and put forth an amazing show and played a balanced mix of their older songs and songs from their latest album Candy Coated Fury (which I personally adore and think everyone should run out and buy ASAP!). No one left that venue feeling like they were given less then an amazing show.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Air Guitar NYC Regional

As soon as I heard about this event I was intrigued.  As soon as the competition started I was was blown away.  The place was packed with people and the energy was electric.  The competitors "played" their hearts out and as much as you would think of this as a joke, it's not.  The winner in NY went on to compete against the winners in the other states and then that winner went to Finland to compete.  When I heard that even I was tempted to enter!

So, to sum up my thoughts on this event.  Everyone should go!  It's an experience unlike any other!

Here's the slideshow that's up on the Voice's website!

And some extra photos that not only hurt me, but my editor to cut from the slideshow!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Steel Panther

The songs were tight and so were the pants as Steel Panther took the stage at Irving Plaza. The ladies in the crowd went wild and held very little back. To put it simply if you want to see a great show and have a good laugh, go to Steel Panther. They might have hilarious songs but it's obvious that the guys take their show seriously and rock their spandex to the max. For the ladies, think of this as a second Halloween because this is the only other time you can dress as skanky as you want and tomorrow morning, no one will have lost any respect for you because it was all for show.

Link to Village Voice slideshow